Sunday, November 2, 2014

Something CNC this way...

CNC router "Routy"
So I have decided to build a CNC router as my thesis work for my bachelor's degree in embedded systems at the university of applied sciences in Tampere, Finland. I will be making a full report on it and I will also be publishing a build log here in my blog.

I'm building it also so I can start making more accurate and repeatable prototype parts for my multirotor projects, which will be published here in the blog as a project log. Once I also manage to develop something good and thoroughly tested and proven, I plan on selling them here as kits. I plan keeping everything as open source, so if you ever wonder about anything and I have forgotten to tell it, ask about it in the article's comments.

Looking around the net for good builds I stumbled upon and their open source project lists (, which they refer to as "OPENBUILDS". You can find templates and builds for 3D printers, cnc routers, laser cutters, drawbots, vacuum forming machines and many more. The best thing however about all these builds are that they source the majority of their parts from the site's store directly, so you can find a particularly interesting project, download the part list from the particular projects log and get a good shopping list on what to order.

V-slot aluminium profile configurations
Most of the mechanical frames base their material on the store's V-slot aluminium profile, for which the store's other parts are made to work with. There are literally hundreds of different ways to combine the store's parts into different kinds of configurations based on what you need and/or want to build as you can see above.

I have put in the parts order for the "Routy" CNC router configuration and will be making project updates as the build progresses!

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