Sunday, December 20, 2015

EV Scooter Project Log Overview

So let's get back to electronics and all that other good stuff!

So I want to build a some kind of electric vehicle, so I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to build a brushless dc (BLDC) motor controller and how to control a brushless dc motor. Why brushless and not induction? Well, first of all, as of my background in RC, I can use one of my RC motors to test a controller prototype and I know where I can get bigger RC motor with more power if I need it. Plus BLDC motors are simpler to control than induction motors, so that was also a big factor why I decided to start from here. I'm scheduled to graduate spring 2016, so I hope I can you give you guys a nice project log on how this will be progressing from here.

I have planned my thesis work on these steps with the first step being the absolutely mandatory one and the hereafter being "stretch goals" to work on if there is time:
  1. Design and build a simple, working sensored BLDC motor controller using hall-effect sensors
  2. Learn how Battery Management Systems (BMSs) work and build one for the EV
  3. Design and build a vector controlled BLDC motor controller for increased running efficiency
  4. Build a simple switching mode power supply charger for the EV

Monday, December 14, 2015

165 Days In Military Service

Selfie from the ranger flying field where we trained

This post is to give you guys a overall summary of the 165 days spent in Finnish Defense Forces. The service time is divided into 3 equally lenghty training periods, which are Bootcamp, specialization training and then multiple forces training.

Wall of text warning!